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  • HydraSurge Face Serum 15,000.00

    ✅ Tones, hydrates and plumps skin
    ✅ Balances PH
    ✅ Especially great for people with dry skin by preventing excessive dryness and oiliness of the skin!

    INGREDIENTS: Collagen, Azelaic acid, Hydrosol, Hyaluronic acid, Ylang ylang essential oil, Preservatives

    HOW TO USE: On clean facial skin, dab enough of this into the skin and follow up with your moisturizer/face cream AM/PM

    SIZE: 120ml

  • Lumiglow Lightening Body Scrub 10,000.00

    Give your skin the ultimate glow with our Lumiglow lightening body Scrub. Exfoliating is as important as drinking water; you just can’t have the perfect glow without it.
    Use 2 to 3 times weekly on moist skin to scrub dead cells away.

  • Lumiglow Caramel Body Lotion 15,000.00

    Our Lumiglow Caramel Body Lotion helps to smoothen & soften your skin and gives you that lighter natural glow that’s irresistibly youthful. It’s suitable for all skin types & very effective too.

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